Hey all, my name is Margaret. I'm married (to a man whose biggest ambition in SW costuming is a Vong warrior) with two kids (who love SW as a whole, but especially Jedi and Mandos). I just got into the world of Star Wars costuming in March, and nearly have my first costume (X-wing pilot) almost completed. On my to-do list is Juno Eclipse, Jaina Solo's black jumpsuit and Jedi robes, Sia Fel's Imperial Knight armor, and more. The list keeps getting longer, lol. One of the costumes I'm most excited about is Mirta Gev (saffron-colored armor), and one of my friends in the Alpine Garrison recommended TDH as a resource. I've been looking around the last couple of days before joining, and WOW! You are an amazing group. I look forward to learning from you all!