Greetings from Sydney Australia

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    Greetings from Sydney Australia

    Hi guys and girls

    I'm Luci hailing from Sydney, australia not the best place in the world but it will do for now!

    Lets see, i have been lurking around here for awhile up until recently when i finally got my own set of bes'kar (please excuse me mando'a is a little rusty) and my dream of doing my own set of armour is slowly coming about.

    Little about myself i have been costuming for 5 years got into SW only a year or so ago i already have a TK and proud to say i have made my own Twi'lek which i use a on regular basis for various troops and the occasional birthday party, i'm also always to expand my costume collection, i already have my mando armour now to build it and wear it proudly my other dream costume is to get Clone especially the RC'S because i have an infatuation with Atin

    Anyway no doubt you'll see my many HELP ME i'm stuck posts on various things !

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    Re: Greetings from Sydney Australia

    Welcome Luci!

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