Greetings from SW Indiana

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    Greetings from SW Indiana

    Hail and well met. My mundane name is Chuck and I live in Southwestern Indiana close to the Illinois/Kentucky border. I am an avid costumer and have been since 1983. Here is some of my early work.
    I go to at least two conventions each year. I am nearly always at Metrocon, in Metropolis, IL just north of Paducah, KY and I always go to Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville,KY. My last big convention was Chicago Comic Con 2010 and I have attended two SW Celebrations.(III & IV) I'm here to research Mando costumes. I am currently a member of the Rebel Legion and Zombie Squad. I am also into making haunted house and sci-fi props.

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    Re: Greetings from SW Indiana

    Hi and welcome to the boards.

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