Greetings from Richland, WA!

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    Greetings from Richland, WA!


    My name is Anthony (Tony), and I'm from Richland, WA. I've been a regular troll on these forums for quite some time, but as I'm starting to assemble my first Boba build, I'd decided to become more active as I'm going to be looking for pieces/help/recommendations in the coming months.

    It's been really fun getting to read all of the creative and ingenious ways that people have been crafting their works of art, and I hope to contribute and benefit from this forum.

    I'm an IT guy for a power utility, and I work on Datsun+Nissan Z cars in my free time when I'm not busy LANing with friends or spending time with the new fiancé.

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    Re: Greetings from Richland, WA!

    Welcome Tony to TDH from across the sound over here on Whidbey Island. Good luck on the build!

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