Greetings: JAFO

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    Greetings: JAFO

    I've been thinking about this for awhile. My kids and I want to start making some star wars costumes. I've decided I like the Mandalorean armour. Haven't quite decided if I want to do a Boba or Jango or just go generic Mando.

    I've read thru several post and will probably do a cardboard helmet for my kids. I found some great tutorials on doing that. I would like to do a fiberglass/Plastic helmet stating with a skate helmet. But haven't found enough detail tutorials on those. I'm also looking for the patterns for the flight suit and other plates for the body. I'm sure its here, I just haven't found them yet.

    FYI, as you've heard before, This place is a gold mine of information and lots of talented people.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Darth Ron

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    Re: Greetings: JAFO

    Welcome aboard dude..... :-)

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    Re: Greetings: JAFO

    Welcom Brother and Kids of Ron,
    I would go with a "Mango-Lorian" costume, half warrior and half delicious fruit snack.

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