Greetings fellow bounty hunters...

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    Greetings fellow bounty hunters...

    Hi everyone... good to be here and really impressed with some of the things I have viewed thus far, learning more about the costumes than I could ever imagine with a long way to go, it is somewhat intimidating to be honest so forgive me for any lack of knowledge here, LOL, but he learning is the fun part I say! My name is Joe and I live in North Carolina. I am an artist and I am sharing one of my favorite pencil works here in this post with all of you... sorry it is turned sideways... I did not download it this way and cannot get turned upright here, not sure why it is doing this. Thanks in advance for the warm welcomes and hope to know more about some of you as time progresses... have a good one and Happy hunting!

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    Re: Greetings fellow bounty hunters...

    Welcome Joe!

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    Re: Greetings fellow bounty hunters...

    Thanks for the invite Matt!

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    Re: Greetings fellow bounty hunters...

    Welcome Joe. I lived in North Carolina for a few years back in my 20's.

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