Been lurking for a while and finaly decided to embrase my inner nerd by making a Mandalorian Helmet . I have been some what confussed by helmet sizing so i decided to down load WOF template and it seemed small when i pre taped it together. I then printed it at 150% that helped some but lost some details that went out side the page dementions. My next trick is going to my friends print shop and having them printed at 200% and on larger paper than my printer can handle. That should solve the first problem of finding the right size for my head, its inbetween a large Mando Mellon and Charlie Browns great pumpkin head
I have a lot of modeling exp so working and painting plastic should not be a problem. I have a friend who dose auto body work so re-enforcing the plastic helmet with bondo and fiberglass repair kits is covered.
My end goal is a helmet with room to put a few electronic gizmos in, fans, leds and such.
Look forward to sharing my project and running crying to the forums when i encounter a problem