G'day from down-under

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    G'day from down-under

    Hey all, been reading my way through various threads here, for a while now and have finally signed up.

    I'm still fairly new to all this, started trooping last August after joining the 501st here in Australia.

    I have a completed TK and I am working on a Shocktrooper clone at the moment.

    I'm real keen to do a Jango Fett( love the duel pistols) besides I don't think my garrison needs another Boba. We have 3.

    Anyways I'll keep reading and try to work out who is who when it comes to getting all the parts.

    If anyone can suggest suppliers of parts I thank you.

    Cheers from Oz.....


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    Re: G'day from down-under

    Welcome mate

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    Re: G'day from down-under


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