Extreme Joker scars

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    Extreme Joker scars

    Have posted an album of Joker scars created with non-flexible collodion, along with instructions on how to create the scars:

    The scars aren't exactly movie-accurate, however they're a little more hideous than those in the film. I loved Heath Ledger's performance, however I wanted the Joker's scars to be a tad more horrifying, with a suggestion of the "Jack Skellington" pumpkinhead look.


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    Re: Extreme Joker scars

    coolcool. where's the album located?

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    Re: Extreme Joker scars

    Hey there, pizzaman24. Just go to my profile and click on the album, "Collodion Joker Scars."

    If you're interested in more Joker stuff, be sure and check out Kwally89 & Sereiana's detailed postings about material for the Joker's shirt. (Amazing, the trouble they've gone to to get the right look, bless their hearts

    I love the look of the collodion scars, however I've recently sculpted and cast an equally gruesome set of Joker scars using the new platinum-cured silicone prosthetic materials that were used for Heath Ledger's original scars in The Dark Knight. It's amazing stuff. Looks and feels just like skin. As soon as I have some photos I'm happy with, I'll upload them...

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