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    May 12, 2013, 6:51 PM - Experienced sculptor but new to propmaking, seeking advice #1

    Hi, im not really good at introductions, but im Nicholas Tamas (i made a typo in making my user name). im an experienced sculptor and like the title says im new to propmaking. ive mostly worked in stone or in aluminum and bronze metals and have done some commissions in forging steel. ive been a long time member of the 405th and the rpf but only recently joined TDH (suprisingly seeing as one of the few tattoos that i have is of a mythosaur skull). ive done some basic masking making and vac forming when working on other projects and finally decided that i wanted to get into propmaking and thought what better way than by making or building a fett helmet. im not sure where to start, ive seen numerous listings for kits and other peripheral accessories, but unfortunately buying from the cargo bay or looking at much of the forum is still restricted to me. any help on where i should start would be helpful, thanks

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