Escaped the pit...

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    Escaped the pit...

    Hey gang, long time no see...

    I've been a member for a while but haven't logged in since I had to part with my ESB Fett a few years ago due to some financial problems and a divorce. But I've got my feet under me again and have bought my Fett back from a great friend in the 501st who was keeping it for me until I could buy it back. Well today was that day! I'll be looking to do some upgrades as some things have changed, mainly my waistline lol, and there are some cool mods out there and new builders and such.

    So anyway, wanted to say hello again and its nice to be back!
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    Re: Escaped the pit...

    Welcome back, mind you being new here I didn't know your had gone , glad you managed to get your esb fett back , looks great
    Regards, cliff

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    Re: Escaped the pit...

    YEH! Long time no see brother welcom back and look forward to seeing more!

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    Re: Escaped the pit...

    Hey thanks

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