Another New guy.... from Venezuela

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    Another New guy.... from Venezuela

    Hello everyone, I found this amazing site while was looking for help with a boba helmet, I never expected finding such a wonderfull site with so much info and nice people to share all the steps of making this costumes.

    I would like to thanks in a public way the Work of Alan (Wizard of fligth), his templates are great,and the way he is willing to help its also amazing.

    English its not my first language, so please excuse my gramar if its not the best sometimes.

    I just started my bucket, and I know its will be a long way... specially with my budget, haha... but i just want to have fun all the way and a great suit at the end

    Greetings to all of you

    Orangel Carrasquel _Orc.

    ps. Spanish anyone?

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    Re: Another New guy.... from Venezuela

    No Spanish, but a quick Welcome! Good luck on your build!

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    Re: Another New guy.... from Venezuela

    Welcome Brother!!!!!!!!!!! From Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bienvenido Hermano LatinoAmericano!!!!!!! Desde aqui de Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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