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    Nov 5, 2010, 11:19 PM - Zuka's Armour, First set, new forum page #1

    I couldn't find the page so I decided to make a new post

    Now I just actually dove into my helmet my armour itself is almost complete, save knee, and collar armor, I plan on posting pictures after I'm done painting and bending and all the good stuff.
    The hole in the visor was to make sure the visor area was exactly where my eyes are... it is.

    The Third pic shows how long the helmet it, for added sinisterness
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    Nov 7, 2010, 6:10 AM - Re: Zuka's Armour, First set, new forum page #2

    Now, The cardboard part has been scraped. it was more or less of a template to see if it would fit, and now I have a cereal box helmet, that requires a dome, The image is almost done
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    Nov 7, 2010, 6:55 PM - Re: Zuka's Armour, First set, new forum page #3

    Heres the Bucket so far, tips? Im not using any templates so its all scratch built, so I need assistance on the dome, And well Theres the incomplete chest, I used Paint and primer all surface paint to paint it, and dug in with my nails to do where Im gonna have Paint chips.... and you can see all the scratches and all that, I just went with the flow and yes, there is a chest medallion, I just can't find it
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    Nov 10, 2010, 7:19 PM - Re: Zuka's Armour, First set, new forum page #4

    Ok, as far as the dome goes, use the WOF dome templates and--using paper or a low-wieght card stock--VERY CAREFULLY cut out the entire thing and tape it together. What I like to do after it's all together and taped is turn it upside down and brush a coat of resin on the inside, let that set, then do one on the outside. That usually gives it enough stregnth to work with. I'm gonna find a few threads on helmets and a few links to good helmet tutorials (yes, one of them will be mine if I can find it )

    1. http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f34/n...11/#post435031

    Here's a list I made for Lev'ika a while back...I used a slightly different method (a tad harder to do) but it works too and you can get idea:

    1. Print out and modify templates to your liking then assemble them CAREFULLY!!! (main helmet only. DO NOT put earcaps, keyslot &c. on yet...I tried that once and AHHHH!!! I made a rather large bother out of that whole build...)

    2. Skim coat the entire thing with bondoglass (you can get this at walmart). You need about a 1mm coat evenly spread over the entire helmet.

    *steps 3 & 4: use one or the other. not both. Or your head wont fit inside the helmet.*

    3. Cut out sintra or comparible plastic and line the inside of the helmet with it. On the dome, use two perpendicular strips from front to back and from left to right. I'd recommend glueing these all on with a strong adhesive (epoxy, contact cement &c.)

    4. Fiberglass the inside of the helmet. I would recommend three coats of resin with two coats of mat "sandwiched" between them. You can do more, but that is the minimum for a strong helmet. anything extra just makes it better!

    5. Bondoglass the exterior again to an approxomate thickness of 3-4mm.

    6. Sand exterior smooth starting with a coarse grit sandpaper (I start with 80) and working smoother till you reach about a 220 grit for the final, leaving the bondoglass at an approxomate thickness of 3mm.

    7. Add keyslot (you will have to cut into the back of your helmet for this part. It is OK to cry here. It always hurts slashing something you spent a gazillion hours sanding. )

    8. Paint, damage and detail to your heart's content. (my favorite step)

    9. Add earcaps (I recommend following antman's (:worship) process...I believe it was called the MTE...)

    10. Add visor and any lights, gizmos and gadges you like.

    If you can pick through all the chatter, this is one of the best helmet tutorials ever made:

    Another good one...My personal favorite:
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    Nov 12, 2010, 1:19 PM - Re: Zuka's Armour, First set, new forum page #5

    Im going for a crusader era look, which i recall doesn't have ear caps or a range finder, but I haven't seen the rear which would have a keyslot, And thin is the fiberglass, the helmet is actually pretty ltight on my helmet but its loose on it too, A'den.... Your my saviour

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