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    Jun 14, 2014, 3:21 PM - WIP: First Bucket Scratch Build #1

    Hey All...long time lurker, first time post. Have started a custom bucket after researching a ton on the boards and the interwebs. Going to post progress here as well as things I've learned. This board has been such a GREAT resource. Any and all feedback is welcomed. This is my first ever bucket, and after I'm done I will start the rest of the costume.

    So, like most of the scratch builders out there, I started with the Wizard of Flight templates, but had some sizing issues between the dome and the mask (dome was too small.) This was because I figured out too late that "fit to page" is not necessarly a good option when printing a PDF, especially if the mask and dome templates are in two different files...

    I later tried a combo of WOF template with RafalFett's because I had already started the mask and before I continued wanted to make sure I would have a dome that fit, and again, that did not work out well, so I finally ended up using the RafalFett v2 templates and so far so good.

    So, after starting over, I made sure to completely build the mask and dome using RF templates out of posterboard for sizing purposes and to make sure the bucket was going to fit. Thank goodness, because I ended up having to resize the PDF's a bit to get the right fit. I had read to do this in other posts, but was too anxious to get started and skipped it.

    Lesson #1: BE PATIENT

    So after prototyping with posterboard, it was off to Hobby Lobby to get some 2mm cardboard for the real thing. I decided to use it for both the inner and outer parts of the bucket for extra strength.


    The dome on the RF templates is a little more involved, but the extra supports really help with getting a good shape.

    Next I attached the outer part of the mask...in other posts I've see where almost the complete bottom half was done before attaching the dome, but again, I wanted to make sure it was all going to fit and being my first build I was figuring out how everything went together.

    Below is the mask attached with light surface cuts for the visor and cheeks. I later took a pencil and traced them to have more distinct lines for cutting. Even thought I was using a spray bottle to help soften the cardboard for shaping, I had to use a lot of clamps to make sure the outer part of the mask was glued really well.



    Next it was time to cut out the cheeks. My research showed that this could be tricky to get the right fit. I cut a 45 degree angle on the upper cheek parts like I saw from RafalFett's v2 build (or was it Antman?) Anyway, YES do that They fit much better. I had trouble getting the lower cheeks to fit well, and then I noticed that the parts I had cut out from the cheeks had the same curve as the mask so I put the cutout part behind the upper cheeks and traced the curve and VIOLA! They fit perfectly. They are not as straight as you see on other buckets, but I liked the way they kind of flared out.


    So yes I had been test fitting the helmet as I went to make sure I would have enough room inside to add fans and other things later, but now it's time to cut out the visor just enough to see what it looks like when it's on. I also added the keyhole in the back. Not 'too' happy with it, but giving myself a break as it is my first bucket, and I think I can 'fix it in post,' as they say


    I'm not a 100% sure how I want to do the visor. I don't think I want to do a standard T-visor, so I have been searching the interwebs for ideas. Trying to be a little original here. I penciled one of my ideas on the mask

    Finally, it's time to close up the seams and prep for fiberglassing. I took standard caulk to the cheek parts (but forgot to take a picture) and used spackle on the dome to fill in the gaps and start to shape it.


    Next post I'll tackle the fiberglassing.
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    Jun 15, 2014, 6:50 AM - Re: WIP: First Bucket Scratch Build #2

    Love Rafs templates, your off to a great start there. Keep the pics and updates coming.
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    Jun 15, 2014, 1:45 PM - Re: WIP: First Bucket Scratch Build #3

    Thank you ShadowWolf! More to come...
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    Jun 16, 2014, 10:48 AM - Re: WIP: First Bucket Scratch Build #4

    Hey guys,

    So I started the fiberglassing process. I'm already thinking for the next build, I'm going to use the resin/cloth method instead of the Bondo Glass with the fiberglass mat on the outside...But anyway....

    I applied a layer of the fiberglass filler and then cut pieces of mat and pushed them into the filler around the dome, back of the helmet, sides and cheeks. I'm going to use a layer of resin and cloth on the inside of the bucket to reinforce it as well. This stuff sets pretty quickly, so I used golf-ball sized globs (according to directions) and spread it around a small area then place pre-cut pieces of the mat in it. There were a couple of times I was not fast enough and the stuff in the mixing tray began to dry and was not spreadable, so I learned to get all of it out of the tray and spread onto the helmet quickly.

    I let the first layer with mat dry for 24 hours then covered it all in another layer of the fiberglass filler. I am going to have a lot of sanding to do to get the lines and definition back around the helmet


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