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    Aug 25, 2010, 11:02 AM - Want a outfit but cannot find a good one... help.. #1

    Hi I am looking for a good place to buy a Mandalorian outfit and I cannot find a site anywhere that I feel like trusting lol but what I would like to know is if there are any good ones out there. Me and my buddy are wanting to make our own Mandalorian clan in our little town and we just do not have the time to build the costumes out of the sintra, that and I cannot find a place locally that sells it lol. But if anyone can help me I am a male 5'11" and my friend is a male 6'1". We can do the painting ourselves but we just do not have the time to mold them. Thanks for anyones time that they can give me in my cry for help.

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    Aug 25, 2010, 2:29 PM - Re: Want a outfit but cannot find a good one... help.. #2

    Rarely will you ever find a place (aside from this forum or the Mercs) where you can buy a reliable FULL completed costume. This is especially true with custom Mandos, as much of the design comes from the costumer. You can buy base Mando parts (Boba, Jango) here and some custom things like the assassin helmet or custom cut armor on the Mandalorian Mercs Trading Station. I would reccomend buying parts individually as runs start or they come up for sale from forum members, and parting the costume together over time.
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    Aug 26, 2010, 12:40 AM - Re: Want a outfit but cannot find a good one... help.. #3

    Also, if you want a "TDH Quality" full suit, expect to spend a couple thousand dollars on it, should one appear.

    Most of us spend years tweaking and tuning our costumes before we call them "done". So you'll find cast off parts pretty regularly, but like apolifka said, it's rare that a whole outfit goes up.

    I recommend reading this thread: New to TDH? Read this about how much you will spend! to get a feel for the time/effort/money that goes into this stuff
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    Aug 30, 2010, 10:03 AM - Re: Want a outfit but cannot find a good one... help.. #4

    It's the old addage you have three variables: Speed, Quality and Price.

    If you want Speed and Quality then expect a high price.

    If you want a Low price and High quality, then expect it to take time.

    If you want High Speed and a low price then expect a low quality.

    As STG says, most of us who build are armour are constantly looking at ways to improve, most people start off with Mercs application as a benchmark and then work their way up to a kit with constant improvements, sometimes however, those improvements mean selling off old plates or kits, so I would look in the trading forums here (though TDH has a more canon bias) and the Mercs. It is doubtful though that someone would sell their whole kit off in one go, most break the parts down to get the maximum amount of money out of their sale, you might be lucky and catch a break with someone selling the whole suit on Ebay who is also a member of TDH or the Mercs, but most of them are hock merchants.

    The other question you have to ask yourseld is: What use am I expected to get out of this? I've had to make a few changes after things have gone wrong with my outfit during troops, not that much, but enough for me to spend correcting and improving rather than the general outfit improvements I have been hoping to make. If it's for display then it's likely that you won't suffer general wear and tear. If you do intend to troop then I suggest that you wear an outfit of the highest possible quality, not only will it be more comfortable for you to wear (My fiberglass helmet being a godsend in a hot hall as opposed to the cheap plastic Jango 2-pieces my vode sweltered in for example), but it will last you a lot longer.

    Sorry if that isn't the news you wanted to hear, but building your own armour makes it much more personal to you, I love my kit because I made it and it makes me part of a brother and sisterhood of people who also have built their own kit.

    If you need help, there might already be a load of mandos in your area who could help you out with an armour party, where people get together and use joint expertise to give you a running boost at building your own. I would recommend that you do take a look over at the mercs forum, you might be surprised!

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