Tor's Metal Mando Protector

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    Tor's Metal Mando Protector

    Su'cuy'gar vode! This is the WIP of (as the title implies) my Mando Protector kit! The kit is heavily influences by the Pre-Production Boba kits and I hope it will Look Like I just Walked out of the 'verse .
    So far Ive got The chest, back, shoulders and vest done. The armour is all made out of .8mm steel (about 20 gauge i think) and is my first time metal working.

    The plates are held onto the vest magnetically via 1cm diameter/.3cm thick neodymium magnets. The chest plates are held on with 6 each, the ab with 8, the gorget with 5, the shoulders with 3 each, and the back plate is yet to be attached.

    The magnets are strong and easy to adjust so i like them.
    The chest, ab, and shoulders have been weathered with the layered technique. I think I over did them a bit but i think they look good.

    Should i repaint the mythosaur and protecter emblem? They dripped when i painted them.

    The rest will be painted tomorrow. i am still going to do some topical weathering like black/brown wash and little scratches but that comes later.
    Any comments/suggestions about spacing/placement of the plates?
    Im working on the knees now (also metal) and i plan to vacuum form the helmet and gauntlets.
    Well thats it for now but Im planning on finishing before summer ends so Ill be working quickly (i hope). Any comments or critiques are welcome. ;D

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    Re: Tor's Metal Mando Protector

    Looks good so far.

    Jeah painting symbols can be a Pain in the Sheb.
    When Spraypainting symbols on metal i've found an easy Solution.

    Selfgluing printable Paper. Just print the symbol, glue it tight to the Plate and THEN cut out the shapes. With a bit more pressure you atually scratch the outer lines and the color will fill more precise.

    You can also paint symbosl with a brush. I go atleast wit a brush when i write some Mando'a on some points. It looks IMHO more realistic when some parts on the paintjob look Handmade, like Handwriting for instance. ;-)

    According to the knock on your Bathroom door and the heatingdevice your from middle Europe, right?

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    Re: Tor's Metal Mando Protector

    Here's a few more pictures.

    That last one (sort of) shows the magnets.

    Thanks Jaro, I'm planning on repainting those and I'll do use that adhesive paper for that. Jaro, I really love your kit! It was one of the ones that inspired me to do a custom Mando.

    Yeah I live in Germany, but I'm an American.

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    Re: Tor's Metal Mando Protector

    VodTor said: View Post

    Thanks Jaro, I'm planning on repainting those and I'll do use that adhesive paper for that. Jaro, I really love your kit! It was one of the ones that inspired me to do a custom Mando.

    Yeah I live in Germany, but I'm an American.
    Wow, never thought of leaving that kind of an Impact, thanks. Did we bumped into on a Convention recently?

    Your plates are btw bended real well. If you think of filling that Hole in your Chest try looking for this "LED Namensschilder" you can get them for 10-15€ sometimes in local souvenir shops or just check Ebay.
    Just programm some Slashs and Brackets and put it upside down behind your chestplate. It is may not authentical Boba but you gonna go Custom, always remember that ;-)

    Btw. The Magnet/Steel attachment is not a bad Idea depending on your Age. If you hit your last growth spurt you can still rearange the Plates and not sewing the whole thing new.
    For the Backplate: If you wanna go there with magnets too, only attach them on the upper third of the Plate. The Backplate should be loose on the lower half for you to bend properbly. Otherwise your Back will lever of your Plate either up or down.

    Anyway you should avoid Thunderstorms with that Plates ;-)

    Shall the Bucket be Metal to? I can give you the address of a Guy in Düsseldorf that pulls Boba-buckets for a bit under 100€. Not as Perfect like Bobamaker or others. But with some minor grinding work - suitable for a Custom Protector. And you safe a little wage by not getting clocked by the customs authority. They really cause a pain in the sheb when it comes to import/export.

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