hey all... I've been wanting to make my own custom armor for a long time how and decided to give it a go... I've read alot of tutorials and feel pretty confident that I can pull it off. I have an idea of what I want the finished look to be. Here's some pics and I'll explain...
I like the look of the first mando from the comic style pic. Instead of red it'll be green with olive green on the upper cheeks.
To honor Jaster Mereel I'm going to have an olive green diamond painted on the chest plates.
I was thinking of attempting to make the right arm gauntlet and right shoulder pauldron, and have the same for both arms.
I also like the look of the visor and the rangefinders from the last pic. I'd only put one rangefinder on my helmet and I'm still undecided on the visor.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.