Steapunk Style

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    Steapunk Style

    I posted my bucket build a little while ago and wanted to get a few pics posted of the complete suit. If there is interest, I will post a few of the build pics.




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    Re: Steapunk Style

    Nice job with the costume, the location sets it of well , real or photoshop ?

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    The photos were taken at the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark.

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    Re: Steapunk Style


    Had a little fun with this one.

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    This is so cool I love it
    Also that newspaper is amazing

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    I love the steam punk style I hope to do one of my own one day!

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    Awesome work, mate.

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    Very nice work mate.

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    Re: Steapunk Style

    Love the steampunk look, nice work

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