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Starting a Custom Mando

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    What trash can are you using?

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    It's made by sterilite, I think it's a 13 gallon, but I'm not sure - I'll check when i get home.

    I have made some progress, but I haven't had a chance to take many pictures or post any information. I'll try to update this weekend.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    Hey, so I'm not the only one who thinks Scottish clans when people talk about Mandos! Sweet. I've been trying to think of how to do a similar thing, incorporate the Mc Gugan tartan into my armour... Kama might fit nicely. Armour's lookin good mate, like how you've made the kneecaps.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    I am having trouble finding the right tartan, but I think that a Black Watch would also fit with the color scheme, and it is much easier to come by it. There is also fabric hanging from the shoulder (a sash, I think).

    I am having some trouble with the knees... i've got them cut out, but I don't have a spot-welder to weld it together. I can fold the metal over itself, but I'm not sure that it will be that durable...

    The garbage can says that it holds a 13 gallon bag, but is itself 52 quarts.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    What about rivets? Would that hold the metal together? Also, you could use JB weld, or something similar - that'd hold it together quite solid. Its essentially a two part playdough that bonds to metal, dries incredibly solid, like steel.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    I'm back.
    School's out, so I now have time to continue working on putting this together. I've got some JB weld and stuck one of the knee pieces together, and one side of the other.

    I've also painted all of the sintra pieces silver, and a coat of sealant on top of it, and have given all the metal pieces (except the knees) a coat of primer). I am unsure of weather I should paint the pieces blue, mask them off, and add the black, or the other way around.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    The chest, abdomen, thigh, and knee pieces with primer (I got the shin and upper arm pieces primed a while ago, and are still in the box)
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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    Hey Photon! If you are stuck on the idea of using a little tartan in your kit, why don't you look at some of the 'ancient' tartans. They use muted dyes for them (like the natural dyes of old). There tends to be more earth tones in them, and they look wethered right off the bolt! All ancient tartans (that I know of) are clan tartans so you won't find ancient BW or ancient Leatherneck etc.

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    Re: Starting a Custom Mando

    I originally hoped to use an ancient Ross Hunting tartan, but found it extremely hard to find, and so I began leaning towards a Black Watch. I haven't actually gotten any fabric yet, and if I can, I'll get the Ross.

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