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    Hi vode ive been following your various projects for a while and let me first say that what what you guys do here is really cool a lot of your stuff is really imaginative and the skill for some of these projects is unbelievable. so anyways having said that im thinking about making a movie in the Star Wars universe for my final WISE project in school and itll be very Leone/Kurosawa/Tarantino inspired and I was wondering what your input is and maybe if you could help me out!

    So heres the script so far, its subject to change, but i think you guys will like it (its not too long a read either) Since the script format doesnt really translate well it might be a lil confusing as far was whats action n whats dialogue but i think ull b ok.. THANKS!!!


    A small box-like robot with stubby legs and no recognizable facial features, A GNK DROID, works mindlessly at a GENERATOR which juts from the ground. The GNK halts when it sees a man approaching in the distance.

    We can not make out his features right away, but as he glides closer, we see the recognizable armor and T-Shaped visor of a deadly Mandalorian BOUNTY HUNTER.

    Panicking, the GNK Droid turns and escapes towards its home, a small dilapidated hut. But the Bounty Hunter passes the robot, whose simple design restricts it from traveling faster than a baby crawls pace.


    The Bounty Hunter enters. Droid parts and pieces decorate the loosely-assembled hut. In the center, cloaked in a ragged cloth poncho, is IG-92 a tall, slender, faceless droid with multiple red eyes. It sits in front of a work-table, on it, the head and various parts of a disassembled ASTROMECH DROID, commonly used aboard rebel starfighters.

    The Bounty Hunter circles the slender droid, which is shut down. The GNK Droid finally enters, trying to warn IG-92 of danger. In subtitles:

    GNK Droid

    (Gonk sound)


    The GNK Droid activates IG-92, it returns to work assembling the robot. The Bounty Hunter sits opposite IG-92, revealing his presence. IG-92's eyes rotate around its cylindrical head, it is disturbed by the man's presence.

    It continues to work on the Astromech, ignoring the Bounty Hunter. The GNK Droid settles in a corner and shuts down. IG-92 pauses as the Bounty Hunter begins to help assemble the droid. A shaky trust develops as the two sit and work in quiet. Finally, the IG droid speaks, but in synthesized grunts. In subtitles:



    You are...with the Empire?

    The Bounty Hunter looks up, acknowledging the question, then returns to work. FZTT. The head of the Astromech Droid comes alive, albeit, still broken.



    The Bounty Hunter disconnects the Astromech Droid.

    IG-92 (cont.)

    We are maintenance droids! Only maintenance droids! The GNK droid and I care for the local settlement's power generators. We wish to operate in peace! You can dismantle us and sell us for parts...

    The Bounty Hunter looks up, nodding to himself, considering the offer.

    IG-92 (CONT.)

    ...or leave us alone! We have told the Empire all we know about the rebel presence here...

    The Bounty Hunter perks his head in attention at "rebel".

    IG-92 (CONT.)

    ...and that is nothing!

    The man stops working and stares at IG-92. An ENERGY INDICATOR on the wall of the hut goes up one notch.

    IG-92 (CONT.)

    I can tell you that a ship crashed here weeks ago, but when I went to investigate, the cockpit was abandoned. The locals are very desperate, they scavenged the metal within hours, there is nothing left of the craft. You are welcome to ask them, but I am sorry, I can not help you.

    The Bounty Hunter is still.


    (Gonk Sounds)

    And you can tell your Empire that!

    The Bounty Hunter palms his BLASTER, eying the GNK Droid. It shuts down again, silence.


    You're paid for work here?






    Enough. They are simple people.


    They told me when you got there the ship was abandoned.

    IG-92's eyes rotate in relief.

    BOUNTY HUNTER (cont.)

    But when you got back had a visitor.

    The Bounty Hunter looks down at the torso of the droid they are rebuilding, it carries a small rebel "starbird" insignia on it. The energy indicator climbs another notch on the wall.


    You tell me where he was headed.

    IG-92's bolts shake. The Bounty Hunter waits.


    What did they pay you to kill him?

    BOUNTY HUNTER they can turn him to the Empire: 200 credits. The Empire pays 500.


    You make 700...

    The energy indicator goes up once more, it will reach maximum the next time it raises.


    If I kill the villagers too.

    And you're useless.


    He's worth 1000.

    Then indicates the Astromech Droid.


    A fair trade. But when I'm paid...

    The energy indicator reaches maximum and the hut's lights turn red. The Bounty Hunter shoots the closed doorway of the hut, standing outside is the REBEL PILOT. He is struck in the chest with the blast of his gun.



    The Bounty Hunter shoots IG-92.


    ...I always get my bounty.


    The Rebel Pilot survives. The Bounty Hunter shot his life support unit, saving him from harm. Knocked over by the concussion of the blast, he drags himself away, leaving the damaged life support box behind.

    The Bounty Hunter exits the hut and discovers the life support. He follows the drag marks in the ground to the rebel. At a distance, the Bounty Hunter stares over him. He stalks the rebel as he attempts to crawl to safety. He struggles to his feet.


    The Empire wants you for 500.


    The Rebel Pilot debates answering.


    I'm a Jedi.


    REALLY!? There are so few now, but, you don't look like a Jedi...

    The Rebel Pilot reaches to his side and holds up a LIGHTSABER to the skeptical Bounty Hunter.


    Lightsabers are weapons of infinite energy. People, are not. If you are a Jedi, you won't last long. The others didn't.

    The Bounty Hunter waves his cape to the side, revealing three lightsabers on his belt. The Bounty Hunter removes his jetpack and cape, setting them to the ground. He hovers closer to the Rebel Pilot, stopping in front of him and slowly removing one of the lightsabers from his waist.

    The Rebel Pilot slowly responds by raising the hilt of his lightsaber to the Bounty Hunter, who then removes a second lightsaber from his waist, igniting both in a burst of emerald light. The Rebel Pilot waits a beat, then ignites his blue lightsaber and lifts it to attack position.

    The two size each other up, then attack. Each combatant strikes with ferocity and skill, only breaking when the Rebel Pilot destroys one of the Bounty Hunter's two lightsabers. He looks to his side to use the final saber, still attached to his waist, but it is also destroyed. The rebel pilot replies with a smile when the Bounty Hunter looks up. He is impressed, but you wouldn't know it.

    The two size up again, each in attack position. They duel. The flashes of contact between each blade even more frequent than before. The Bounty Hunter is better, quicker. He slices the blade of his saber across the Rebel Pilot's chest. He twists away from the Bounty Hunter, revealing the streak of blood left by the Bounty Hunters cut. He recuperates, and raises his saber again.



    The Rebel Pilot nods, "yes".

    The Bounty Hunter attacks first. Each man is a vision of combat mastery. Both fight for as long as they can, lightsabers connecting in an electric flash few in the galaxy know anymore. They are forced to stop.


    For what I did to you, I am sorry.

    The Bounty Hunter stares at the Rebel Pilot and extinguishes his lightsaber. Slowly and deliberately, the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter removes his helmet, places it on the ground in front of him, and steps over it. The eyes of the helmet point away from the coming battle. We do not see the Bounty Hunter's face, instead, we focus on the Rebel Pilot, exhausted, but ready.


    Attack me.

    The Rebel Pilot attacks. The Bounty Hunter ignites his lightsaber and the two spar for the briefest, but most intense moment of the entire battle. The Rebel Pilot's lightsaber intersects with the Bounty Hunter's waist, cutting him in half. For the seconds he is still standing we focus on the Bounty Hunter's face. It is a horror, burnt to a crisp in its entirety, his stolid lips convey one final message:


    You really are a Jedi.

    The remains of the Bounty Hunter collapse to the snow-covered ground. From above we watch the Jedi walk away, unfortunately his life as a hunted being is not over, but has likely just begun.

    The small DNK Droid creeps out of the hut and hobbles back to work at the generator. All is right again.

    Thanks for reading!
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