This is my first helmet project. The Helmet is a Sgt. Fang and I have had the helmet for maybe three years and finally started working on it maybe a year and a half ago. I have made some major progress in the last three weeks, but until I get those pictures sorted out here is what I have so far!

Helmet before anything was done:


Fiberglass prep:


Fiberglassing: I used cut 2" squares cut out of a fiberglass mat.


Bondo: Before I did bondo I cut out the visor. I used the small drill bit that came with my dremel and 'routered' the visor out as close to the edge as possible. I used a flat, triangle and round file to finish the edges.


Keyhole slot cuts: I used the small drill bit on the dremel tool to hollow out the large center 'square' and used a flat file to finish the remainder.


Primer coat:


That was all the work I did last summer. I have recently put the ears on attached the rangefinder stock and mocked up the rangefinder. I also am working on my visor. Hopefully get pics up tomorrow.

Thanks for looking everyone!