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    Mar 10, 2010, 5:17 PM - Sandpaper Weathering #1

    Dunno if anyone would want to sticky this but this is the way I have had most success to weathering without a hassel of a lot of tools

    In fact there is 1 tool, you need a electric sander and some fine grit sandpaper!
    It is easier if you have a sander that is smaller or one that comes to a point (normally those have some sort of velcro attachment)

    (Pictures to come in a second)

    The weathering technique is rather simple and adds texture to your armor without the need of a dremel and doesn't make your weathering appear to be flat up close.

    Step 1:
    Make sure your armor is primed before you paint it, this can lead to the color of your sintra showing through (that can be ok given your base armor dind't have a bunch of colors in it)

    Step 1.1
    Make sure your armor is completly dry, doing any sort of sanding can smear your paint and give an unplesant look.

    Step 1.2
    Put on a mask, most paints have LEAD and can be toxic if inhaled

    Step 2

    Place your peice of armor on somthing sturdy, clamp it if you want or hold it in your hand if you are strong enough
    You will want to avoid the armor from moving otherwise you get a effect that I will picture below

    Step 3

    Start Sanding!
    This way of doing it is very random, don't try to place your sander in just one area. If you are really bored roll up some tape in multiple balls and throw it at your armor, then use those areas for your battle scars!
    ((only if you have nothing else to do))

    3.1 Start with a lower pressure and work your way up, lift the sander to see what the result is and if you think it needs more press harder

    3.2 (making bullet effects) Remember that a blaster shouldn't affect bes'kar just its paint, energy shots would hit and deflect or just evaporate, bullet shots shouldn't be full circles and should be a little oblonged (in my opinion) Start by pressing down at an angle (if you are using a pointed sander) or by pressing down flat (only do this if you are on a "hill in your armor so not your entire sander is hitting the armor) rotate in a circle and lift, finetune by shaping how you desire
    Click image for larger version. 

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    3.3 (Making slashed effects) Claws, swords, and lightsabers exist in the star wars universe, if you are upclose and personal be sure to reflect it! (parry first haha) Take the edge of your sander and just press firm, you can do this multiple times in teh same line or parallel to give it a longer or claw apperance.

    (Pictures below in order)
    1. Full Armor Weathered
    2. Square Sander
    3. Weathering with Slash (on stripe) and bullet effects
    4. Angled Sander

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    Mar 10, 2010, 7:00 PM - Re: Sandpaper Weathering #2

    i use a similar method, i feel it gives some of the most realiatic weathering as you mentioned, it adds depth. i also use about 8-10 layers of paint in various colors to assist with this. masking fluid methods work great if youre following a template, such as with boba fett paint apps, or are well pracriced with the technique. however, most i've seen look to fluid and unrealistic.

    also, saz started a thread which has been tickied for everyone to add tutorials to. you need to condense it to a single post but, this would be good to add.
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    Mar 11, 2010, 12:29 PM - Re: Sandpaper Weathering #3

    If you stick a copy of your tutorial in the tutorial thread, it'll be stuck*

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