republic commando question

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    republic commando question

    what i want to make is a body armor heavily inspired by the RCs armor.
    and what i want to ask is; is there any one who has done this before and knows how? i dont know how to make the stomach region, or lower torso. iv got the upper torso pretty much planned out and also the belt.
    i also dont really know how to make the backplate....

    id be grateful any assistance

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    Re: republic commando question

    Did you ever get it made?
    I know it's late but you can get the pepped torso from vagabond for free!

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    Re: republic commando question

    Sorry to bring this back to life and all but I'm doing the RC armor so i could give you some of the files, and advice of course on the parts which require attention not to mess up if you like

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    Re: republic commando question

    Epic Graverobber

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