Rav Bralor

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    Rav Bralor

    I am starting to build a Rav Bralor costume for my wife. I have already purchased a mannequin to cut out for the chest armor. I was curious if anyone has any suggestions on the following parts:
    1. What kinda boots have people used?
    2. What have people used for the cape material?
    3. Do people use the same chest shirt to attach the armor to as a Boba Fett costume? If not, would color or type of shirt can you use. If so, can anyone forward me a good boba fett shirt maker?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Rav Bralor

    Here is the link to the mercs boards that has all the fem vest stuff:


    Good luck with this build and sorry I dont know any more about other Rav builds!


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