I've seen a few Jaster Mereel builds and some OS Jangos and i got just one small question thats been buggin me for quite some time...Why are the gauntlets on them all the same,doesn't it stand to reason that when a person changes his armor he also alters his fighting style and his armor,adding different things and moving their weapons and tools to different locations adjusting for their newly learned skills?

The reason this has been bugging me is because as i was reading my OS comix i kinda got to thinking about this mainly because the flame thrower of the movie Jango is on the left hand and so it is on every single one of the many OS jangos i've seen so far while in the second OS comic the flame thrower is on jangos right gauntlet and it appears to be the same case in the third OS comic.I get that most people use the standard ones available on the market to save time but if you ask me there were no truly standard gauntlets as their design and tools and weapons on them varied from mando to mando.

So okay its not as quick of a question as i had implied and hoped but its a fair question is it not.