After spending several months browsing several star wars fan sites/ modelers; I have noticed a need for Pepakura files. It seems many are scattered and hard to acquire. I have intention of creating several armor sets, and am currently working on the Neo Crusader armor alongside my Canderous project. I have already exported the different armor pieces from the game models with the exception of the Boot tip covers and will be unfolding them all in the next couple of days.

For the moment, the files I have finished are on my personal server and will be moved soon.

Completed helmet models are as follows

1 Piece Neo-Crusader file is here:

In order for the helmet to meet CRL, I have created a separated version with a portion cut away:

The file is currently located here:

I am also working on Modeling an accurate version of the DeathWatch/Pre-Viszla helmet.

Let me know if there is anything in specific you may want focused on as far as armor sets/models go. Anything in existance within a 3d rendered game will always be easier to go at. Anything else may have to be modeled from the ground up.