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    Dec 13, 2007, 9:39 AM - Newcommer #1

    Greetings all, as you can likely guess... i'm a newbie. Just figured i'd make a quick introduction before really hitting these boards.

    Names John, tho most everybody online calls me Roki (back story there is, not interesting tho.. if interested ask lol). I'm a SW fan, obviously, and i think i'm the ONLY one in the entire state of North Dakota. I've looked at not even the 501st has a measurable presence in this deep freeze of a state. I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few months, a lot more since after C4. Saw some very niiice Mando armor walking around and it got my brain workin, couldn't stop pondering things all summer long ( damn you all ! :-p ).

    As i get finances in order i'll definatley be poking around for both gear and ideas. So far my premise for a custom armor set is along the lines of a 'Mandalorian General' type. Granted there's probably no set 'uniform' (never is for a Mando) but still, any input is appreciated.

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    Dec 13, 2007, 9:52 AM - Re: Newcommer #2

    Hi Roki and Welcome!!
    There is a huge amount, I could say unlimited amount of info here at TDH. There are many many hugely talented people here. It is an amazing place. Good to have you. Sorry to hear that you are so remotely located. But, you can be part of the TDH family if only electronically. It sounds like you have "the bug". You can't hide now. LOL You should probably look up Novall Talon. He is very much into the customs. Have fun with your journey and cheers!

    Oh and I must say it..... If you have not found it already, there is a great search function on this board. Just plug in a word and read away. The greatest thing about a search, even though it can be time consuming, is that you can get a huge amount of info, prolly more than you may want, LOL, and you can get the many many different ideas and concepts of the most talented people in the world. (yes, I do think this is the bestest forum ever).

    If I can help at all, pm me.

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    Dec 14, 2007, 10:02 AM - Re: Newcommer #3

    ya know, there's some times that i feel that i'm the only costuming star wars fan in montana, and since MT rawks all over ND you should just move down here. and that goes double if you talk like the guys in that movie Fargo. lol