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    New Mando'ade

    Hi Im Dustin and I am relatively new to the site, and to the whole idea. I have had the thought about making some beskar'gam for a while, and would love to have mine complete (well at least the basics taken care of) in roughly 3 years. I have already begun working on my buy'ce and my Verpine Shatter Pistol (which will be my main weap.) and am considering looking into the nerf's for some side arms.
    I am basing the entire notion of my beskar'gam off my character on a SW Forum based RPG.

    I am using a Lacrosse Helmet to make my buy'ce so I would like to know if anyone else has tried this, or if they can think of some reasonable way to make it applicable.

    For my VSP I am using my old Spyder paintball gun, I took out all the CO2 hoses and the hopper connector to make it look less like a PB Gun and make it inoperable. Now I need to make some modifications to it or else I will look like I am packing a real weapon to the untrained eye. Maybe Sintra moldings to go over the sides and such, so I need some help with ideas on that.

    Which brings me to sintra what is it, where can I find it, and roughly how much does it cost?

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    Here is my VSP with the barrel:

    Without the barrel:

    To give you all a rough idea as to how it looks. I would like to add a scope to it and think I might have one laying about that I can custom rig a connector piece to the bottom of to have it more easily attached to the VSP.

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    As to my buy'ce like I said I used a Lacrosse "Stryke" helmet so I have NO room inside the helmet to add gadgets, so the only way I see that coming about is taking a sawzall to it and cutting out slots to insert the gadgetry into and adding sintra over and repainting the add ons.

    Buy'ce Stock:

    Buy'ce after paint with the T-Visor "cut" area taped out:

    Another angle of the Buy'ce:

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    I used a bicycle helmet for the dome area and used WOF's Templates to build face/side area. I cut the sides of the bicycle helmet w/ a dremel then sanded it down to where it was straight across. I was going to use one of my old hockey helmets to make another scratch helmet using the same idea.

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    Hmm sounds interesting so basically dremel out the sides of the helm? I i could do that but...idk I think it would make it a tighter fit LMAO

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    "Mando'ade, it what the astronauts drink."

    Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes!

    I can't wait to see your Spyder modified up, speaking of which, were you able to find anywhere that sells sintra? I purchase mine at considering there aren't any stores who sell it localy.

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    Not yet, i haven't really started looking for sintra I am on a tight budget so I am going to try and hold onto my money. I might use a "For Sale" sign or something to that nature.

    My spyder is looking decent, Friday I will be getting more paint for it, and I might start working on a bracket to mount a scope on the top.

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    That helmet will make for a very interesting base. Can't wait to see some progress.

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    I am adding the new pics I have to my photobucket I will be posting them soon XD

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    Re: New Mando'ade

    Here are the cheek structures without "masking" tape LMAO

    Here it is again after being customized a lil more:

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