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    Jun 3, 2012, 6:07 AM - New guy looking to do a Mando crusader armor #1

    Hello fellow forum members!
    I have recently gotten into the costuming hobby. Over the last 2 months i have been trying to plan out and make connections to put together a "Lord Starkiller (hoth)" costume. Yesterday i went to a friends armor party to help someone finish up their mando costume and while there everyone ganged up on me and convinced me to do up my own mando costume to do while i put together my starkiller costume since it will probably take a year or more to get all the pieces and parts together.

    Now i know i have an idea in my head as to what type of armor i want, and what the general "theme" will be. I want to do a crusader armor that looks like it has gone been modified with extra armor plates, ammo pouches and knives (maybe a sword? o_O) and been dragged through hell and back. I got a friend that has some serious artistic talent so maybe i have him translate it to paper. What are some good places to start looking for armor parts or people to talk to that can help translate my ideas into the real thing?

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    Jun 3, 2012, 8:03 AM - Re: New guy looking to do a Mando crusader armor #2


    Jeah we all went through that stage. But building a Beskar'gam is not only putting all cool things ointo a suit and make T on the Helmet.
    We know Mandalorians are highly Individual with no sense for uniform - but on the other hand; too much upgrades and abberation can make the whole intended Crusader-Mando-thing unrecognizable and after you'll answered the 100th guy on the same Con the question ( "What are you supposed to be?" ) it is getting annoying.

    Its always a tightrope walk to find the balance between "just another mandalorian" and "generic Space-Marine-Soldier-guy".
    Especialy the Crusaders (Not the NEO-Crusaders) are o sceme that is hard to transport into the right direction.

    Anyway. A good place to talk to people that would translate your ideas... Well, you actually found this Forum, didnt you? ;-)
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    Jun 3, 2012, 9:15 AM - Re: New guy looking to do a Mando crusader armor #3

    I am not planning on loading it up with accessories like its call of duty. I am thinking that maybe he has added a few necessities and modifications. I of course don't want to be "another Mandalorian" but also don't want to be confused with a "space marine". I am just going to have to continue to do research and planning things out.

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