My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

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    My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Hi everyone at the dentedhelmet I'm masterds1 and I'm on a quest for a Mandalorian Costume of my very own. I've actually been a member of the dentedhelemt for a while. I joined in 2007 after I went to Star Wars Celebration IV in LA, and I did make a post then about my desire for a new costume but then I really fell out of the loop for it. I focused more solely on my Jedi Costume which I completed a few years ago. I've used my jedi costume for a lot of Star Wars events over the past few years and still continue to enjoy it. But I've always wanted to work on a new costume preferably a Mandalorian costume like Jango Fett better yet a costume one of my very own. I'd even go as far to say that I've wanted to have a Darth Vader, clone trooper, and Storm Trooper costumes. Ok I think this will sum up everything: I want to make some armor! It finally time. I've had the desire for a long time and I really want to get my costume project going and on track. But I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to making or getting a costume made. I do know that here at the dentedhelmet is the place to be for Mandlorian Armor I seek. Alright so I am looking for advice please share your wisdom with me fellow dentedhelmet members so that I can fulfill my destiny.

    My Mandlorian costume plans:
    Ok first off I have two blasters that I want to use with my costume. the blasters were made by hasbro I want to get them casted so they'll look less like toys lol and more like something I could use with my costume. I get to keep the cool sound effects for the blasters but we can get rid of the toy look. Here is a photo of the blasters

    I need to figure out how I'm going to get my armor I've heard of do it yourself but I wouldn't even know where to start. Maybe I could do part of it myself I've heard of "Trash can armor" and all that. But still I'd really like to know if there is anyone in the dentedhelmet that makes armor professionally. Hey anyone live in Southern California that makes armor? Well I'm ready to get started may the Force be with you.

    Hey incase anyone was wondering about my finished Jedi costume here is a quick look.
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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Fettpride and Bobamaker are really popular guys to get in contact about high grade armor (I know Fettpride does a lot of fiberglass armor but I don't know enough about Bobamaker). Man of War studios on ebay is great if you want jetpacks (I got my Boba jetpack from them! Roto cast resin.) and resin gauntlets. Note that this is all stuff that's usually made to be accurate to Boba or Jango Fett. Making a custom Mando can be as easy as simply painting the parts in different colors, or as advanced as making your own unique pieces of armor in a "mandalorian" type of design. How much effort would you be willing to make on this costume project?

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Nice I got some fast replies. ok Fettpride and Bobmaker I will contact for sure. High grade armor is what I am looking for. I looked at Man of War stuides talk about a wow factor lol really nice stuff I'll get that Jango jet pack. Now I do think I have the way to go custom now painting the armor different colors is a get idea. I could use both Jango and Boba armor and paint it how you said Archaster777. I'm looking to put a lot of effort into the costume project. Like how would I go about getting my blasters casted. I'll be getting and making my costume in parts for sure won't happen overnight. My jedi costume didn't happen right away either and I completed that. So I want to work hard on this next costume project.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    if you want to use those blasters you don't need to cast them....just paint them and weather them. A casting would just give you the same looking weapon after a ton of work.

    With the proper use of paint and possibly adding some greeblies you can have decent looking blasters using just what you have.

    If you are doing a custom mando you can easily cut your own armor from sintra using the WOF templates. I personally like the look of 6mm sintra. You can easily cut it and shape it even if you have no experience. You can also find help on Mandalorian Mercs. If you want to buy armor I would recommend Redkraytdragon aka RKD. He makes some nice armor and he offers it without the screen accurate damage.

    I would recommend buying a helmet. There is Asok, whom I highly recommend. And then there is Bobamaker and Fettpride.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    ok that is some good advice thank you Mullree about my blasters painting them could work. Hey what kind of paint could I use, and what's the bast way to weather. the Mandlorian mercs looks really useful. Hey I did ;ppl at Man ofWar stuides and I think that is where I want to get my jet pack, for sure, plus maybe maybe other stuff. Bobmaker has great stuff I could use too I can consider. Hey does Redkraydrgon have website for his armor. What about Asok that sounds interesting I'm going to need a helmet for. I found some really good Blaster Holsters that I can get. I even found a cool BOBA FETT BELT.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Send me a pm and let me know what you're looking for

    Can I troll or what???!! :P

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Many users here that sell items don't have a website. Instead, transactions take place in PMs (or personal messages). Asok and redkraytdragon who posted above me are members here. You simply need to send them a PM to let them know about what props you're interested in buying. The same thing goes for for sale threads which take place in the Cargo Hold forum.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Alright I have my design right here. How's it look. I can already image how cool it would look. Man you got to love the mandomaker!! That helped me show what I wanted to do. So here is my overall design. So now it just has to be made one piece at a time. I can't afford to have it done all at once lol. But here it is. I like the cape better instead of a jet pack and the helmet is going to look nice when it is made.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    Depending on your body size, RKD's armour is arguably the best for price vs quality. And again depending on body size, Asok's Boba (for a bigger frame) or Jango (for a smaller frame) are excellent Fett style helmets. There are also other sellers - if you're looking at doing a custom Mando, I'd encourage you to have a look at the Mandalorian Mercs trading station as well - there's a few people who sell there but not on here. Things on Mercs are generally more geared towards customs, wheras on here they're generally geared more towards canon.

    Just as a personal preference, I'd steer you away from that bright red for the vest - it's clashing with the blue plates. A darker red could work, but I think the same colour brown that you've got for the girth belt would look even better.

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    Looks like the Superman Mandalorian that somebody did recently.

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    Re: My Quest for my own Mandalorian Costume

    star-wars-costume-disign-full-costume-pngFor my overall body size my height is 6' 5 and ahalf and my weight isn't much of a issue but I am above average. I'm looking for a good price but I also want quality it's going to be a two way street when the costume actually starts getting made. I thought I could be gearing up more towards Mandalorian Mercs after all that's where I was about to do the costume design. So Pointoforigin you think the red on the vest is a bit to much. I was trying to find a balance of the 3 colors I like black, blue, and red. This is just a general design I may end up changing some of it. But for the most part I really like it if I ended up getting in made tomorrow and then wearing it at a Star Wars event I think I'd look great. I wasn't going for superman Darthwad3r lol I think I'd like the other side of the cape to be black and just the inside blue. ok so I'll start talking to some of the guys on Mandalorian Mercs too snice they know more about customs. but I'm still gearing to get advice from the dentedhelmet too. All part of my costume project now.

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