My First Helmet

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    My First Helmet

    hey everyone!

    This is my first prop build ever, im hoping it will go well. I am making a custom Mandalorian helmet out of aluminum and galvanized steel sheet metal. i am using DSSL's aluminum helmet tutorial, however i am not following it step for step and i am using some different materials than those that are used in the tutorial. So far i have some of the parts cut out and taped together to see how everything fits. The tutorial says to use rivets and screws to keep the helmet together, i feel using hardware is a little bit overkill for the materials i am using so i will not be using any if i can avoid it. When you see the pictures you will notice the front half of the mask is a very thin gauged aluminum sheet, i dont think it is sturdy enough for a wearable helmet so i will be coating the inside front half with fiberglass. im not sure what im going to do for the dome yet, but i know i dont want to go the paper template way. once i make the helmet nice and solid, i will think about adding extra features to the helmet than hit it with bondo. my goal is to make a mando/jedi concept costume. Has anyone else done anything like this? if so i would like to see others ideas.

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    Re: My First Helmet

    Great looking bucket so far! The everything looks nice and properly proportioned.

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