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My Designs - Ogden Caahl

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Noting on the right shoulder,

    The left shoulder is an ammo pouch and three grenades.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    My bad, I am tired and sickish right now. Ok that was what I thought it might be.

    One other thing I think you should do is take the lower leg armor plates to the color of the rest of the armor plates.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I'm right now doing that using the same colors, but reversed a bit... I'll post it soon

    I'm still thinking the jumpsuit needs to be more contrasting...
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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I liked the jumpsuit colors from earlier today (post #22) rather than this latest one. I dunno...something about the darker color makes the armor jump out more.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I'd agree with Jon, Go a bit darker on the jumpsuit cooler. maybe stick with the khakie, but darken it up a bit.

    Oh and don't change anything else it looks great.

    Have a good one,

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I think you're right. It'll go back...

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I like the new boot armor, you should keep that part the same as the second part from today.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    The boot armor is going to stay painted like that... The jumpsuit is the only thing I plan on changing.

    I think i found a good pistol to mod:

    I like the look, and they've been used in the movies so there ya go... As for a rifle I'm thinking maybe converting an Airsoft xm8 'cause they've got them for cheap... Sadly they don't have the nice Carbine.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Very cool. I like how it is not some bright color that jumps out at me that would say "Here I am! Shoot ME!" The only item I might change is the neck seal. Maybe just have it cover part of the collor. To me, what makes a Mando a Mando is the way the chest is with the diamond. Make sense? Also, with the lines coming up from the lower chest, I would like to see what you would do with the rest of the chest.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Maybe if I split it up the middle? I dunno... I kinda like how it is...

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I personaly like it the way it is too.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Those reversed colors look great, and I also like the mantle look as it's different. I use a set of combat suspenders that remind me of the ammo pockets hanging down your L shoulder, so I like that to.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    absolutely love it! what program are you using for the drawing? looks very clean.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Yeah I'm leaving the mantle as-is, but I'm still adjusting the jumpsuit color to be more actually kakhi.

    The program I use is "By Hand" I do all the drawing and inking by hand and color in Photoshop.

    Keep in mind guys, this costume is probably going to be a while before anything gets made... I plan on losing some weight first... Maybe next Halloween.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    It's looking seriously good. I like the mantle, it looks different but right if you know what I mean. Looking forward to seeing this one made, even if it does take a while

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I think colors are final, and I'm actually about to order my weapons.

    This one was done over a picture of Boba Fett which is probably more acurate than my drawing Proportion-wise. So the mantle will probably not hide as much when actually made.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I tell you what, I never expected to do as much as I have with this costume before I signed up here.

    My idea for doing the mantle:

    Thinking of snaps for the back to make it easy to remove, but more secure than velcro.

    Anyone have ideas for his Backpack? I'm not sure I wanna go with a jet pack... thinking more of a survival pack of sorts.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    I think the mantel should be a bit more of an ovle that way more of the sholder gets coverd. But wait tell you make a mock up and see where that goes.

    As for a backpack how about something like the snowtrooper backpacks.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    The circle will be easier to cut. But that IS why I offset the neck hole, that will cause the shoulders to stick out a bit more and the back to be longer. Which wouldn't happen with an oval.

    About 7 inches in front and close to 9 on the shoulder(Which I measured to be close to correct, albeit without any armor underneath).

    The image isn't prefectly acurate. Not sure if the neck hole is too big/small.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Ah I see now that you did offset that hole. I didn't catch that earlier. That would work better then an Oval.

    I had a thought about your rifle as well. You mentiond using an XM-8, which I assume you would build up. So that it looks like the one in your first drawing. If that is the case. I think you would be better off modding a 9-mm hand gun. It would work much better as a base. This one perhaps, minus the silly scope.

    Edit: It was bugging me what that gun looked like and I finaly nailed it down. It looks sort of like the long barreled luger. Take a look that would be an even better base.
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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Well sadly, the Carbine I based the image off of: is like 95 bucks... The XM-8 is $12. That's the thing...

    I was looking at this though: I'd hafta make a stock but it's much closerto what I had planned.


    [EDIT]Yup, that one lol. It wouldn't be too hard

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Prop guns are my big hobby. I think the stock could easily be made from PVC pipe. Or if you have local gunsmiths they may have some cast off stocks laying around that you could pick up for cheap. (Gunshows would work too.)

    Single Points (that is the type of scope you got on there) can be made for less then 3 dollars if your crafty. You can also get resin ones and real ones.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Thanks... This is what I'm looking at mod-wise on the luger:

    God I love Photoshop

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    A magpul stock huh. Cool idea.

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    Re: My Designs - Ogden Caahl

    Yeah I thought that'd be cool, have a retractable stock.

    I've hit my first snag though... it seems that site is out of stock of that gun I am very upset because they had it for cheap. And they havethe other guns I planed on getting.

    I have a question for everyone: What is the significance of the shoulder emblem? The Mythosaur? is it common for all mandalorians?

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