mini mando...

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    mini mando...

    just wanted to show off the mando i made for my 13 yr old son... he's the red one... my buddy's daughter is the purple...

    used M-DSB helmet and cut the rest out of styrene.. formed it in the oven.. gave it a nice paint job... his blaster is the small Boba blaster (got at Target) then repainted...

    hope u guys like it.. =]
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    Re: mini mando...

    Not bad at all! Very nice color scheme and your kid already got the Boba stance. Good work!

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    Re: mini mando...

    thanks, man..

    yeah.. that color scheme was mine.. i drew it out to make mine n he was like 'MINE..!!!'

    he needed his mando done before i needed mine, so i had to redesign my own... grrrr.... im almost done with mine..

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    Re: mini mando...

    Nice work, looks good.

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