Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

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    Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    I am currently working on my son's Mini-Mando. I have built a custom Mando for myself over a year ago, and my 8 year old son wants to go with me on JediOKC gigs, so I decided to do it. It's been fun. Here are the build pics of the helmet. I still have to do the visor, but would like to know what you Nervods think...

    Started with a kids SWAT team helmet and wrapped it in Sintra...

    Some Bondo Later...

    ...then painted and son wearing it proudly...

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    Looking good. You might wanna make the front brow a little shorter, unless that is the look you are going for then, it came together nicely.

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    I dunno, the jutted out brow is kinda cool... nice helmet.

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    Hey BobaFettDaddy!

    Looking sweet. If you have any questions about putting together the soft parts, just let me know.

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    I think that front brow helps for glasses wearing under the helmet? If that wasn't the intent, then you found it by accident. =)

    So far so good for a kids rig Jai. Glad to see you still into mando gear, every time we see you at DCon your in your proton pack. I hope 2009 you and your verd'ika will troop the parade with us! =)

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    good start has that passed down kinda look to it...

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    Re: Mini-Mandalorian Build Thread

    love the weathering ; job looks good. it loocks a litle off but ilove it turned out. hurry up with the vizor.

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