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    About the faux leather vests. I use one, and I'll definately get another one. Yes they are warmer then a cloth vest, but the key is to have it backed with cloth on the inside. This helps pull the moisture away from your body and gives it somewhere else to go other then just sit there. Also, you won't see sweat collecting on a faux leather vest like you do on a normal cloth vest...and you will sweat no matter what vest you use. Ladysewforus also made my vest to my specs that I gave her personally for max comfort and durability. It may cost a little more, but IMHO it looks MUCH better then cloth.

    Here's a collection of MANY helmet related tutorials from TDH and the Mercs site. This way you don't have to go chasing posts on so many different boards.

    Mercs Tutorial/Link Library

    Helmet Info Links

    Oh sweet! Thank you so much for the quick links . As for the faux leather and cloth I'll be looking into both of them, mainly just to see what looks better. I can handle being a bit uncomfortable if the suit looks cool so I'll just have to compare fabric stuff. I'm excited to start building the paper replica though of the helmet, hopefully I'll get the templates printed off by this weekened so that I can work on them this saturday

    I have yet to find a cheap batting or skate helmet but I'm still on the look out for them. They seem to have a similar shape so I should be ok either way, plus getting a helmet that fits right should make resizing some of the helmet template easier so that it has a personal fit for my head.

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