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Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    How many times is that for you?

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    like 4,but once was by a woman in san diego,so that really brought me down a lil bit

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    I will shave my head in protest then.

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    Here's an extreme example of what happens to me when women don't realise I'm female even with my long hair braid:

    The dear little old lady in the photo was really a monster in disguise as the two Jedi would confirm (her hands were all over them, my armour protected me somewhat) Beneath my helmet i'm mouthing the word "HELP!"

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    "Shes the devil in disguise"

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    Re: Long Hair/Helmet Issues:

    baclava works wel enough for me, hair in a tail underneath and done.

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