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    Feb 13, 2013, 8:27 PM - Llats Ward reference picture help #1

    Howdy, chaps! I'm looking for more/better reference pictures of the Mandalorian Cuy'Val Dar member Llats Ward. So far, I've only found a couple of good pictures of the action figure, and one LFL approved sketch by Jamie Snell.
    If you have any other reference images or details about the suit, please post them! I intend to make him as my first detailed canon suit, and I want to make it right.



    These are the best pictures I've found.

    This shows some better detailing of the weathering, but not of the entire suit.

    This image shows the detailing on the over-the-shoulder pouches.

    This one shows the basics of the suit; Boba Fett style of armor coverage, minor gauntlet detailing, boot color and details, gun sizes, and a little bit of ammo belt detail.

    I also found a good one of the backplate.

    Aaaaaaaaaaand those are the best I've found.
    If anybody has any more pictures that they're willing to post, that's be awesome.

    Thanks, y'all!

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    Sep 6, 2013, 7:38 PM - Re: Llats Ward reference picture help #2

    Hay, Manbro. Do you have a thread up for him over at the Mercs?

    Anyhoo. I'm seeing a standard Boba blue-grey flight suit, with flak vest in a matching color (rather than lighter, as with Boba himself), Boba style boots, but all in light grey (no darker grey stripes), and ROTJ Boba gauntlets. The body armor looks to be straight Boba except for that collar plate. The top of the backplate would have to get trimmed down so it didn't flare out at the back of the neck so that collar could sit down flat overlapping it like that. The collar looks to be a front and back half butted almost together, rather than overlapping. He has a partial woven mohair style girth belt for the belt holding those cannisters that are on his belly plate in place. He looks to have a sash in fabric the same color as flight suit and flak vest, and a belt in matching color over that that's holding pouches and holster. That's Boba's ESB sidearm blaster in that holster. The gloves are Boba style gloves, but in the same blue-grey as the rest of the soft parts, with painted or dyed on green circles on the quilted areas on the back of the hand. And I swear that's the smallest Lewis gun I've ever seen. *chuckle*

    Just those images are plenty to get started.


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