Legacy Style armor WIP

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    Legacy Style armor WIP

    Su'cuy vode!
    Over the past month or so I have been starting my legacy era armor. The armor itself is made out of PVC pipes cut with a dremel and I've formed them although they still need quite a bit of work. The first pic is the armor a couple of weeks ago mostly formed although the chest loads and top abdomen plate didn't line up. The second is the chest armor as it is now and it all lines up pretty well. Third pic is the backplate which is loosely based off of Cade Skywalkers from the legacy comics, and the plate is not done yet. The fourth and fifth show my attachment method. The plates have bolts epoxied to their backs where they will be strapped together. The final pic is how I'm planning to build my bucket. It is WOF templates modded to be more legacy and in the pic it is just card board taped to the dome, although the actual helmet will be sintra. Well thats all for now my leg armor isn't even cut out yet so any comments or tips are welcome and for now k'oyaciyi!

    Tor Klumph
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    Re: Legacy Style armor WIP

    looking good

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    Re: Legacy Style armor WIP

    your chest plates look very legacy... nicely done.

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    Thank you for your kind words. I have done some work over the past couple of days. First pic is the ab plates with the straps on the inside. The second is a close up of the attachment method. The strap has gromets to keep them from fraying and the bolts go through those. The next pics is the chest plates with the collar bolted on. Sadly two of the bolts ripped out because I didn't let the epoxy dry completely. I'm sorry about the picture quality it's just my phone camera. Well until next time!

    Tor Klumph
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    Well got some more work done. I haven't been able to do much but I've gotten some done. First pics are the helmet so far. Still needs some more sanding and bondo but it's looking pretty good so far. The helmet is going to be a cross between legacy and the Fett style so the cheeks are kind of weird. Next pi is the chest armor. Just showing it attached. Next is the thighs and part of the shins. That's all the progress for now. Comments are welcome.

    Tor Klumph
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    Re: Legacy Style armor WIP

    Looks great mate!!! What are you going to do for cod?

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    Not really sure yet vod. I was thinking about using sintra or maybe tote plastic for the cod so it's a little more flexible. I'll tackle that when I get to it, I guess.

    Tor Klumph

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    Hey more updates! Sorry it's been a while, been kinda busy. Got lots of work done on the helmet although not much work done on the armor. I've got the first coat of bondo on and I've started sanding it down with 180 grit and the second coat of bondo will go up to 400 and 800 grit. First pic is of the visor/face part. I ordered a #5 welding visor for the visor. Next pic of the dome. Still kinda rough but it'll look better with more sanding. Next is of the back with a little back panel I guess. It is were the key slots are supposed to go and I think it kind of pulls the back together. I've got a question about the RFs, should I have 2 or should I just have 1? And I want to make custom small legacy type ear caps but I'm not sure how or what material I should make them out of.

    Tor Klumph
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    Re: Legacy Style armor WIP

    Hey love the armor. Helmet is comming along great. Cant wait to see finished product.

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