Krayt Dragon Armor

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    Krayt Dragon Armor

    Alright well I just got a new dremel and decided to start on my armor. I cut it out and sorta sanded it down. How does it look for my first cut? Do I need to scratch this one and start over?

    sorry for the chocolate covered shirt I just got off of work

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    Re: Krayt Dragon Armor

    intreasting idea. I never thought of using the plastic tub before.

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    Re: Krayt Dragon Armor

    Yeah its about the only thing I can get local that would fit me haha. So a small update is in order. I'm wanting to scale my armor to make it more Krayt Dragon-ish. Ive got a few ideas but what are some of your thoughts?

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    Re: Krayt Dragon Armor

    Okay so i'm back on my armor and I think I fixed the ab plate. What do you guys think? Is it good or do I just need to redo it? Oh and I ordered a pack of the plates so I'm going to see how that works

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    Re: Krayt Dragon Armor

    Overall not bad, but it looks like your edges are a bit rough. You'll want to sand that all down to look clean and smooth.

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    Re: Krayt Dragon Armor

    Your ab plate is looking good, though you will better tell when you have bent it to your body.

    The point at the top of the belly plate will stick into you as soon as you lean forward, so you may want to round that off a bit.

    Your best bet now is to start test fitting the plates.

    Remember though, your vest will have a lot of give in it, so you may want to ensure that it is made next. If you are looking for Official Status, T-shirts are not part of the CCLs as vests. I used vinyl matting that I got from a hobby store, made the templates and got someone good at sewing to get it together.

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