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Jodo Kast WIP

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    Re: Jodo Kast WIP

    nice work dude

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    Re: Jodo Kast WIP UPDATE 3-5-2014

    Did my first test run last night in the suit and things turned out a little better than I had thought. Things are not 100 percent where I would like them but the light is at the end of the tunnel. Things I will be fixing:-New girth belt-Different rocket top (one is in the works, the fins are currently drying on it)-finish the sidearm (it will be a modified version of a nintendo zapper)-Rangefinder (for some reason the ear cap popped off during the suit up and I couldnt fix it at the moment so I just took pics without it). -connecting the girth belt to the belt accessoriesOther than that, things are looking in tip top shape, so enjoy.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG](Sorry for the poor lighting, I had my girlfriend taking the pictures and she didnt quite know the look I was going for haha)

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    Re: Jodo Kast WIP

    Looking good. Always good to see another Jodo. I assume you're going for the zapper as a sidearm. Which primary weapon are you planning to equip, the modded EE-3 he starts with or the custom E-11 that he confiscates from Dengar?

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    Re: Jodo Kast WIP

    Thanks for sharing your build with us Brother. Amazing work!! truly inspirational.

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