Jaster Mereel Help!

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    Jaster Mereel Help!

    Just wondering what kind of weapon Jaster Mereel uses so I can figure out a way to make one.Thanks!

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    Re: Jaster Mereel Help!

    Well for my costume I use the weststars as he give Jango one and asks if he know how to use it.

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    Re: Jaster Mereel Help!

    I'm not sure if his Carbine (the one with the bayonet) has a name. It's not given one in Open Seasons anyways. Maybe in one of the guides to weapons?

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    Re: Jaster Mereel Help!

    I'd look it up on Wookiepedia.

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    Re: Jaster Mereel Help!

    The rifle/carbine that Jaster uses in the comic, like pretty much everything else, changes from pane to pane. I wound up making my own custom rifle. Bayonet to be added later.



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    Re: Jaster Mereel Help!

    I built my sidearm blaster from an Uzi cap gun and an assortment of pvc pipe and a scope mount from Walmart. This pics a bit blurry, but you get the idea.

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