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    Jul 19, 2011, 6:56 PM - I'm a serious noob! Please help #1

    My hubby wants to do this Mandolarian costume. I figure I could earn some really good brownie points if I were to join him! I've only seen the movies with him. I have searched images and have what I think are cool ideas. I don't want to screw up in the community eyes! Hence why I need help! I saw what my hubby said was a neo-something ( no offense! Just forgot the name) helmet... I mean bucket. But the armor I like is not. Can they be mixed? Not sure about timelines! Another question is do you guys name your characters? If so how did you come up with the names? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Jul 19, 2011, 8:19 PM - Re: I'm a serious noob! Please help #2

    Hey! Welcome to the boards! First thing. Do not be afraid to ask questions. That is what everyone is here for. There are a ton of experts here and depending on how much you want to do yourself or how much you want to spend is what you will get out of it. As far as naming the characters. If you are going for a custom Mandalorian then also join the Mandalorian Mercs site. ( Once you get past 5 posts you will get access to the Cargo Hold. This is where you can start to see who has what for sale.
    Most of all, have fun! Enjoy.
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    Jul 23, 2011, 12:57 AM - Re: I'm a serious noob! Please help #3

    The nice thing about custom Mando's is that they are just that: custom. Do what you want to do, and if it looks like you're straying from the Mando idea, we will let you know. I'm sure there are Mando's who like rocking the old school neo-crusader helmet but wanted the more modern body armor or whatever one you liked best. Besides, you can modify it! You've got creative freedom. Don't be afraid to try things. When it comes to custom Mandos (for the most part) nothing is set in stone. And like TripleD said. feel free to ask questions and have fun with what you're doing! Also, I would encourage you to look around at other threads, both here and on the Mercs site. I've learned a lot myself by looking at other peoples work and I'm only on my first set of armor. As for my character's name, Ordeyn, it's completely out of the blue. Lot's of people like to use Mando'a (the Mandalorian language) words as their names. There's a whole dictionary of Mando'a here: newmando

    Hope that's helpful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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    Jul 23, 2011, 2:00 AM - Re: I'm a serious noob! Please help #4

    Thanks to u both!
    Triple D I joined mercs under same name. Found lots of useful info from both sites.
    Ordeyn your encouragement was much needed tonight.
    Still trying to narrow down my idea! Will keep you posted.
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    Jul 23, 2011, 8:11 AM - Re: I'm a serious noob! Please help #5

    Good to hear and can't wait.

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