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Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

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    Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Ok, there is someone ive been talking to for a few years about her custom mandos. they rock.

    so i got permission to choose one and go for it.

    so here goes....

    i chose the one on the right. there were some initial problems with my test plates not evicerating me, so i modded it a bit with her permission of course.

    ok, so I only had a few minutes before band practice, so i quickly redesigned the plates and started cutting them out of 26g steel.

    I will hammer them out tonight and throw a few coats of paint on well as build a collar plate.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Look at that beast cutting out the metal! Good job so far this will look pretty cool.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    So, I sold ya on using the steel eh?

    I think you'll be happy with the final product.

    The only thing you may wanna rework is your cod piece. It's hard to explain, but if you make it come down to a forked J then you can fold it over and dish the "cup". Once thats done you can join the seam together with some goop and smooth it out with a small touch of bondo.

    Best cupping action you'll ever get...and highly comfortable to. Thats how I did mine, I should probably toss up a pattern some day. This keeps you from having to glue together multiple pieces of metal to make it, or get the lumpy cod look.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Man you really got around to starting fast. I wasn't expecting any thing for a few weeks. I can't wait to see how this turns out in real life application. I love that drawing.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    me too. ill attempt the cod thing this way, and if it doesnt look right, ill try what youre talking about. i know what you're saying, so we'll see.

    gonna go bang out some plates. be back later.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    cant finish the weathering due to it being 230am. and the top coat had an "accident" there are really high winds outside. so one of the plates blew onto the ab plate and they stuck together. so thats the weathering you see. tomorrow ill start sanding and whatever to the plates and see what happens. if i have to do a re-paint, no problems...

    than just to be crazy, i wanted to see what it woudl look like on my old vest...

    ok, now these shoulders are driving me nuts. as much as i dont like JB weld, im gonna go and have to use it on these parts... they'll look sweet when i get em done...

    the weathering is pretty nasty in the drawings (in a GOOD way) so ive got my work cut out for me...this also means im gonna have to get another helmet....

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Looks good to me, but regardless I would stick a couple rivits in that bish.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    The shoulder pieces look GREAT. Looking forward to more updates!

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    well here you go!!!!

    ok, did some more weathering and painting this morning....

    It was than i realized since i couldnt actually make the plates like the concept due to bodily damaged possibly incurred with eviscerating, i painted sections black to emulate the original design. or close to is anyway...

    also note the PROPER way to weather the plates towards the end...

    yes i will finish planishing it later....but next up...the shoulder bells. but my band (Paperboy Jack) has a show and ive got to leave now....till later!

    if you see anythign wrong, BESIDES the non-plannishing, please speak up.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    AMAZING! I totally agree with how you handled the shapes, my design was rather pointy... excellent progress and the weathering looks great. Also awesome weathering technique, haha.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    do you think the black parts bring out the original design better? i thought just red/orange plates looked too...well standard.

    i'll need more pics of the logo on the shoulder bell as ill prolly start on that after i get back from the gig tonight.

    also, is there a back plate? and what materials are the knees made from? metal or soft parts?

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    I'll go ahead and shoot you an email.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    thanks. i was thinkign to use my ranger BDU's as an undersuit. we'll see what it looks like. ill do a mock-up with my current vest, and those plates and the black BDU's to see what it looks like. im also gonna add some balistic padding under the shoulder bells to make them look kick ***, but if at possible id like a more detailed picture of them from differnt angles.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    wow, so cool, awesome job so far and the plates look like UFOs

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!


    okay, i woudl post more pictures, cause i feel im now done withthe upper amror for now.


    i left my digi-cam in the merch bin, which ended back at the studio after our show.

    soooooo.... you'll all have to wait until after 12pm tomorrow for pics to be posted...

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Fantastic craftsmanship ....
    I love the staff in the concept drawing.Do you still plan on making that one?

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    The blue one in the concept drawing is still available! Can't wait for more updates.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    here they are...

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Wow thats coming out really well. I really have to give the metal plates a go my self one of these days. After seeing three suits of yours its really starting to get to me.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Look'n great nervod!

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    Wow. That came out very awsome!!!

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    thanks! i still havent put any dirt or sand on it yet....that will take down the shine a bit more.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    your beskar'gam is awsome.

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    I like your weathering technique, very ingenious!

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    Re: Hydra Mando - Jax Style!

    ok... i decided to do a test fit on my current black vest just to see how they fit on me, on a vest...

    so let me know what you think. honestly of course. I think they "look" a bit large. but than again i think my other plates are a bit small...these ARE the WOF templates modded out for this design.

    I kinda like this pic. its a bit scary for some reason!

    also i think i need to curve the collar back a bit more over the shoulders, but i dont think it reaches that far...

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