Here's another noob!

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    Here's another noob!

    Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and say....well.."Hi".

    I met a couple of you at Dragon Con this year, and I have the desire to make my own Mando costume. I got most of the color scheme in my head/colored on a template, but I have yet to do anything with it. I got all my chest and back armor pieces...but thats it so far....and until I move into my new place, I am hesitant to start doing anything with them.

    I'll be searching the board to find most of my answers, but I want to apologize now for any question I might ask that someone has probably answered 10,000 times already.

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    Re: Here's another noob!

    Hey welcome to TDH Fett402. Nice website by the way! Good luck with your Mando when you start working on it man.

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    Re: Here's another noob!

    no worries and welcome, dont worry about asking questions I just finished my first mando myself and this board was awsome in helping me. so ask away and good luck

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    Re: Here's another noob!

    I can't wait to start on my Mando...I just want to get this moving process done with so I can start on it...

    Thnx for the compliments on my site...I'm thinking about an overhaul on it...but am too lazy to mess w/ it.

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    Re: Here's another noob!

    fett402 said: View Post
    Thnx for the compliments on my site...I'm thinking about an overhaul on it...but am too lazy to mess w/ it.
    HAHA I have the same problem with mine. I haven't changed a thing on it in like 9 months, but I have been meaning too. LOL. Oh well.

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