Half way through the process...

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    Half way through the process...

    So with just under two weeks till my wedding, I am forcing my mom to tailor my vest with straps and Velcro...So far I have been taking progress pictures on my phone so I can brag to friends at work bout my Halloween costume and until tonight I have taken only two photos with the better half's digital camera, pictures aren't the greatest but its better then nothing.

    I like the jango theme but changed it up a bit, instead of the sky blue flight suit thingy i got an actual navy/air force flight suit which I'm prolly gonna dye black, still waiting on the cash to hopefully buy a pair of those nice gauntlets from MoW, and will prolly ebay the shins/thighs/foot armor pieces then trim/design the armor going off the SWG mando version of this suit. slightly different on the thighs/shins, I also had left over from the beginning of the year was the chest/shoulder decals for boba, which i just threw in the appropriate spots, tried my hand at the weathering of all the pieces thus far but you gotta be up close and personal to see it =/

    I also went off the standard color scheme for the jet pack but don't have any pictures of that yet, aside from the main color scheme I added black to the main body part vs the yellow (the main fuselage is still yellow but thats it)

    A side note the big gun I got is a painted nerf gun quite cool.
    So anyway here's the pics I gots...
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    Re: Half way through the process...

    Lookin good so far. Nice longshot too

    For the weathering. If you want something more visible, you may want to try blackwashing. Just grab some black spraypaint and spray down your armor, holding the can a couple feet away from the armor. Basicly just let the paint fall onto the armor, should darken things up a bit in spots.

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    Re: Half way through the process...

    looks great , looks like my custom... almoust. love how those shoulder studs look on a different mando. keep up the good work, by the way w/kind of helmet is that?

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    Re: Half way through the process...

    the jango style variation of rubies

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    Re: Half way through the process...

    Ok a few close-er ups of the helm not the greatest quality but eh oh well.
    first I attempted my hand at the weathering of the helm using a method I found buried somewhere on the site about using a wet paper towel and spraying paint onto that and wiping the helmet down, did it with silver and black in an attempt to skruff up the "blue" areas with silver and the silver areas (below the dome) with black. Not sure If I should go over the dome or not since the cheek and back part are fairly darkend by this method.

    my first attempt was to try and dilute the spraypaint with water however I used a flat black vs gloss and the paint once I added water just clumped together like poopy oil...Then I tried to dilute it with a very small amount of paint thinner looked tons better, how ever after sittin a few days it sorta lightened and got really oily and didnt air dry...=/ so I just wiped it clean for the most part and here it is....

    Also there are some pic's of the inside, I bought some foam cushions from walmart and cut them into several 1x1x5 inch blocks wrapped them in regular black cheap cloth then bought some cheap metal snaps, placed one snap towards the top/bottom and hot glued the opposing partner to the helmet so the pads would snap in. then I folded in the excess cloth at the ends and hot glued them close again so repeat wearing wouldn't cause them to come out and dangle.

    Then when I wore it I found that my nose would touch the visor, I found annoying cause it sorta restricted the breathing, so I added a chin strap using hot glue couple 1inch D-rings, strapping, and a small plastic clip. made it a bit short so that when I clipped it, it would pull the cheeks in a tad forcing the visor away from the face just a tab but perfect.

    Fits nice and snug and to top it off if you have one of those ipods that are about the perfect size to fit in the helmets key hole, you can rig it just inside my helm right above the chin strap D-ring right behind the end of the visor, and run the headphones around the inside and inbetween the foam padding , so that the speakers arent in your ear but far enough away you can still rock out.
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    Re: Half way through the process...

    So with a little more time the last couple days I've been working on the low-budget version of the knee pads out of 3inch pvc, a piece of scrap wood from a walmart pallet and a toilet paper roll also from walmart. Not a screen accurate version but results I am pleased with, not quite finished still needs a tad bit sanding and painting+straps and/or some velcro and these are finished.
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    Re: Half way through the process...

    Looking great man, that blaster is friggin awesome too!


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    Re: Half way through the process...

    yea that blaster is freakin sweet

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    Re: Half way through the process...

    WoW!! I'm cuckoo for cocoa....ummm I mean custom mando's
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    Re: Half way through the process...

    So here are the finished product, turned out well might add some velcro to the spot right on the knee where the flight suit will touch just to add some stability when walking so it wont fall below the knee resulting in a constant re-adjustment.
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    PIC request

    Anyone able to post a pic of a close up of how the "bracers" or gauntlets are connected after the hinge is closed? Like is there a special way to connect(close) the inner sides of it when your wearing them?

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