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    Apr 25, 2013, 3:58 PM - A Good Revan Mask? #1

    I have been searching the net for 3 days now trying to find a good Pep file for Revan's mask. I see a good looking one from Firefek but cant seem to find a link to download. Does anyone happen to know where i can get one or does someone have one they can send me please. Im wanting to make a Merc costume based off his mask btw


    Sorry i posted this in the wrong thread
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    Oct 11, 2013, 9:03 AM - Re: A Good Revan Mask? #2

    Well, as for the Revans mask there are 2 versions now. The KOTOR version or SWTOR.
    As they "updated" it for swtor.
    Anyways, Fierfek has both in pep files but they are for sale. He has a FS thread on the RPF
    Also, if you are interested in a finished cast I would recomend DrunkenMynock, also on the RPF, I bought a mask from him and it is AMAZING! That one is the swtor version though. So if you are wanting the kotor version your best hope is Fierfek I think.

    Hope it helps!


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