Hey all,

Well i started a Jango for myself recently and my girlfriend became rather curious about my new project (since I am not a very craftsy person generally) and became so enthused with it that I am now designing a custom for her!

I thought I would try to make a scratch-built bucket and so here is the beginnings of my attempt at creating a bucket for her.

I've named her Mando "Aubr'ika" or sometimes affectionately, Barbie Fett. You'll see why.

Progress Pics:

Oh my gosh! It's round!

I am flat-bucket head.

The bucket does not care that you are doing homework. It will find you.

X-frame added. I'm probably going to redo these as my exacto gave out and I wasn't very happy with them.

Although it's not too bad at range...

You can call me Cardboard Fett.

And there ya go.. Barbie Fett.

Anyway, this is turning into a really fun project that I'm looking forward to continuing.

And no, you can not have Miss Fett's number. ;-)