First costume... No experience, at all...

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    First costume... No experience, at all...

    Hi, guys (:

    After some time of following The Dented Helmet on facebook and looking at all those amazing suits of mando armor, I though, "Hey, those are pretty badass. I should make one of my own"

    And so, I registered here, the official site. The problem is, I have NO experience whatsoever with costumes, or materials, or crafting, so I have a couple of questions for you guys who have some more experience.

    First, where can I begin? Where can I find templates? What measurements do I have to take? How do I apply them?

    What material can I use for all the hard parts of the armor (Helmet, chestplate, shoulder armor, shins and whatnot)? Where could I get said material and how hard is it to work with this material?

    Please remember that I have absolutely no experience with this, I don't know the names of any materials or tools, I need to be guided from the very beginning, step by step.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advacnce

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    Re: First costume... No experience, at all...

    Hey there!

    First of all, welcome!!

    Building any costume can be a daunting, but very rewarding process Kudos for taking it on!

    I have not made a custom mando of my own, but let me help you as best I can in an attempt to put you in the right direction.

    I think when it comes to custom work, you might want to get an idea of what 'theme' or 'style' you want to go for first. Take a look at the mando mercs page and start collecting some inspirational images. Suits that you really like. Take a look at all the bits and pieces that people have put together to add a certain 'uniqueness' to their suits. Then, do your own research and see how you can do the same for yourself. Some parts you might want to use yourself, some you might want to make unique for your own suit. If you're into sketching, maybe sketch out all your details, create colour swatches, play with materials and textures to see what works.

    Once you have an idea of how you want your suit to look - build it!! ...oh's that easy.

    You have a few options. If you say you aren't crafty at all (I'm a painter, not a builder), you might be inclined to order a set of armor (or all your hard pieces for that matter) from one of the fine builders here on the forum. Most that I know of are geared towards Boba Fett and the damage that is on his armor, etc. but I'm sure if you look hard enough you might find some flat armor. The cargo hold is a great place to find used pieces for a good deal. The only thing about buying your gear is that it has a steeper up front cost.

    If you build, it can be significantly cheaper (depending on your materials and how many mistakes you make along the way). There are templates to all Boba Fett pieces from his helmet to the pouches on here.

    For example:

    Armor templates:
    Helmet templates:

    You can build these out of many materials (trash cans or any hard plastic), but most have used sintra. It's relatively cheap, and easy to cut and form. Sintra can be found at any hobby store.

    Your measurements? Most of the templates are sized according to the suit that they replicate - ESB, ROTJ, etc. For you, it would not be specific. My suggestion would be to print off a template and see how you like the fit. You can always resize it.

    Soft parts are another ballpark all together. If you're not into sewing, my suggestion would be to contact Arkady (Carole). She does a lot of soft parts for a decent price....although Man of War (on Ebay) makes all his soft parts WHITE so you can dye them whatever custom colour you want.

    Hope this gets you started. Take a look at a lot of threads and get ideas. Look specifically at a lot of threads labelled "Scratch Build" if you're looking to build your own. Then you can follow along and get in contact with people to ask questions about how they created a particular piece you might have a question about.

    Good luck. Be sure to post a thread when you start your build so we can help you out further!

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