E-X Limited Edition Blaster

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    X-E Limited Edition Blaster

    Hey guys, I made a few blaster's ( X-E ) and am selling em off.

    If anybody wants one, p.m. me and it's yours.

    : )

    It ships immediately.


    It's $25 for the prime, $50 for the completed.

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    Re: E-X Limited Edition Blaster

    I think I like the barrel & scope, it's sorta looks SW'ish, the rest of it is vaugely Power Rangers-like, IMHO. I'd buy one completed for $20 at the most. Hope all this isn't seen as an insult, just giving honest opinions is all.

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    Re: E-X Limited Edition Blaster

    Yeah, no insult, I was actually thinkin of the prices being too high, if nobody buys one in a few days I will start dropping the prices. : )

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