Doba Fett's Costume

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    Doba Fett's Costume

    Showing off my son's Mando Costume for Halloween.

    Thanks to ONE END for getting me the bucket so quickly.

    Started with a Deluxe Boba Fett costume. Unfortunately the two piece POS helmet met it's demise soon after under his foot, which is why he ended up with the nice bucket. Of course it showed off how ****** the rest of the costume really was, so I re-sized it (the knees were on top of his ankles) and replaced the thin foam with acrylic painted 1/2 inch thick stuff.

    Photos are from Boo at the Zoo in phoenix today. And the best part, one of the local news crews chased us down for video shots. I'll be posting his gun once it's finished.
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    Re: Doba Fett's Costume

    now you gotta make him 'real' armor
    I made plates for my kids, just need to do their buckets and soft parts.

    It's nice to see parents do things for their kids these days.

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    Re: Doba Fett's Costume

    I was gonna say (before reading what you actually typed. lol) is that helmet looks REALLY familliar... Looks awesome mate! And those helmets are the best...

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